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From Herbert.

O King of glory, King of peace,

Thee only will I love:

Thee, that my love may never cease,

Incessant will I move!

For Thou hast granted my request,

For Thou my cries hast heard,

Mark’d all the workings of my breast,

And hast in mercy spared.

Wherefore with all my strength and art

Thy mercy’s praise I sing;

To Thee the tribute of my heart,

My soul, my all I bring.

What though my sins against me cried?

Thou didst the sinner spare:

In vain the accuser still replied,

For love had charm’d Thy ear.

Thee seven whole days, not one in seven,

Unwearied will I praise,

And in my heart, a little heaven,

Thy throne triumphant raise.

Soften’d and vanquish’d by my tears,

Thou couldst no more withstand;

But when stern Justice call’d for fears,

Disarm’d her lifted hand.

Small is it in this humble sort

Thy mercy’s power to raise:

For even eternity’s too short

To utter all Thy praise.

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