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The Glance

From the same.

When first Thy gracious eye’s survey,

Even in the midst of youth and night,

Mark’d me, where sunk in sin I lay,

I felt a strange unknown delight.

My soul, in all its powers renew’d,

Own’d the Divine Physician’s art;

So swift the healing look bedew’d,

Embalm’d, o’erran, and fill’d my heart.

Since then I many a bitter storm

Have felt; and, feeling, sure had died,

Had the malicious fatal harm

Roll’d on its unmolested tide:

But, working still, within my soul

Thy sweet original joy remain’d;

Thy love did all my griefs control,

Thy love the victory more than gain’d.

If the first glance, but open’d now

And now seal’d up, so powerful prove,

What wondrous transports shall we know

When glorying in Thy full-eyed love!

When Thou shalt look us out of pain,

And raise us to Thy blissful sight,

With open face strong to sustain

The blaze of Thy unclouded light!

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