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God our preserver.


Upward I lift mine eyes,

From God is all my aid;

The God that built the skies,

And earth and nature made:

God is the tower

To which I fly;

His grace is nigh

In every hour.

My feet shall never slide

And fall in fatal snares,

Since God, my guard and guide,

Defends me from my fears:

Those wakeful eyes

That never sleep

Shall Isr'el keep,

When dangers rise.

No burning heats by day

Nor blasts of ev'ning air,

Shall take my health away,

If God be with me there:

Thou art my sun,

And thou my shade,

To guard my head

By night or noon.

Hast thou not giv'n thy word

To save my soul from death?

And I can trust my Lord

To keep my mortal breath:

I'll go and come,

Nor fear to die,

Till from on high

Thou call me home.

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