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C. M.

Preservation by day and night.


To heav'n I lift my waiting eyes,

There all my hopes are laid:

The Lord that built the earth and skies

Is my perpetual aid.

Their feet shall never slide to fall

Whom he designs to keep;

His ear attends the softest call,

His eyes can never sleep.

He will sustain our weakest powers

With his almighty arm,

And watch our most unguarded hours

Against surprising harm.

Isr'el, rejoice, and rest secure,

Thy keeper is the Lord;

His wakeful eyes employ his power

For thine eternal guard.

Nor scorching sun, nor sickly moon,

Shall have his leave to smite;

He shields thy head from burning noon,

From blasting damps at night.

He guards thy soul, he keeps thy breath,

Where thickest dangers come:

Go, and return, secure from death,

Till God commands thee home.

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