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Happy Land

6, 4, 6, 4, 6, 7, 6, 4

Leonard P. Breedlove


There is a happy land

Far, far away,

Where saints in glory stand,

Bright, bright as day.

O how they sweetly sing:

Worthy is our Savior King!

Loud let his praises ring,

Praise, praise for aye.


Come to this happy land,

Come, come away;

Why will you doubting stand,

Why still delay?

O we shall happy be

When, from sin and sorrow free,

Lord, we shall live with thee,

Blest, blest for aye.


Bright in that happy land

Beams every eye;

Kept by a Father's hand,

Love cannot die.

Then shall his kingdom come,

Be a crown and kingdom won,

Saints shall share a glorious home,

And bright above the sun

We'll reign for aye.

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