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Dove of Peace


Treble by Wm. Houser

Wm. Houser


O tell me where the Dove has flown

To build her downy nest,

And I will rove this world all o'er,

To win her to my breast,

(Repeat previous line).


I sought her in the groves of love,

I knew her tender heart;

But she had flown--the Dove of Peace

Had felt a traitor's dart,

(Repeat previous line).


I sought her on the flowery lawn,

Where pleasure holds her train;

But fancy flies from flower to flower,

So there I sought in vain,

(Repeat previous line).


'Twas on Ambition's craggy hill,

The Bird of Peace might stray;

I sought her there, though vainly still,

She never flew that way,

(Repeat previous line).


Faith smiled, and shed a silent tear,

To see my search around,

Then whispered "I will tell you where

The Dove may yet be found,

(Repeat previous line)."


"By meek Religion's humble cot,

She builds her downy nest;

Go, seek that sweet secluded spot,

And win her to your breast,

(Repeat previous line)."

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