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Land of Pleasure

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Dover Selection, p. 94


There is a land of pleasure,

Where streams of joy for ever roll,

'Tis there I have my treasure,

And there I long to rest my soul.

Long darkness dwelt around me,

With scarcely once a cheering ray,

But since my Savior found me,

A lamp has shone along my way.


My way is full of danger,

But 'tis the path that leads to God;

And like a faithful soldier,

I'll march along the heavenly road;

Now I must gird my sword on,

My breastplate, helmet, and my shield,

And fight the hosts of Satan

Until I reach the heavenly field.


I'm on the way to Zion,

Still guarded by my Savior's hand;

O, come along, dear sinners,

And view Emmanuel's happy land:

To all that stay behind me,

I bid a long, a sad farewell!

O come! or you'll repent it,

When you shall reach the gates of hell.


The vale of tears surrounds me,

And Jordan's current rolls before;

O! how I stand and tremble,

To hear the dismal waters roar!

Whose hand shall then support me,

And keep my soul from sinking there

From sinking down to darkness,

And to the regions of despair?


This stream shall not affright me,

Although it take me to the grave;

If Jesus stand beside me,

I'll safely ride on Jordan's wave:

His word can calm the ocean,

His lamp can cheer the gloomy vale:

O may this friend be with me,

When through the gates of death I sail!


Come, then, thou king of terrors,

Thy fatal dart may lay me low;

But soon I'll reach those regions

Where everlasting pleasures flow:

O sinners, I must leave you,

And join that blessed immortal band,

No more to stand beside you,

Till at the judgment bar we stand.


Soon the archangel's trumpet

Shall shake the globe from pole to pole.

And all the wheels of nature

Shall in a moment cease to roll.

Then we shall see the Savior,

With shining ranks of angels come,

To execute his vengeance,

And take his ransomed people home.

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