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8, 7

Wm. Walker


Come, little children, now we may

Partake a little morsel,

For little songs and little ways

Adorned a great apostle;

A little drop of Jesus' blood

Can make a feast of union;

It is by little steps we move

Into full communion.


A little faith does mighty deeds,

Quite past all my recounting;

Faith, like a little mustard seed,

Can move a lofty mountain.

A little charity and zeal,

A little tribulation,

A little patience makes us feel

Great peace and consolation.


A little cross with cheerfulness,

A little self denial,

Will serve to make our troubles less

And bear the greatest trial.

The Spirit like a little dove

On Jesus once descended;

To show his meekness and his love

The emblem was intended.


The title of the little Lamb

Unto our Lord was given;

Such was our Savior's little name,

The Lord of earth and heaven.

A little voice that's small and still

Can rule the whole creation;

A little stone the earth shall fill,

And humble every nation.


A little zeal supplies the soul,

It doth the heart inspire;

A little spark lights up the whole,

And sets the crowd on fire.

A little union serves to hold

The good and tender hearted;

It's stronger than a chain of gold

And never can be parted.


Come, let us labor here below,

And who can be the straitest;

For in God's kingdom, all must know

The least shall be the greatest.

O give us, Lord, a little drop

Of heavenly love and union

O may we never, never stop

Short of full communion.

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