« Coelicolae Colluthus, presbyter and sect founder Collyridians »

Colluthus, presbyter and sect founder

Colluthus (2), presbyter and founder of a sect at Alexandria early in the 4th cent. He claimed (on what grounds it is unknown) to exercise episcopal functions; but the council of Alexandria under Hosius (a.d. 324) decided that he was only a presbyter, from which it was held to follow necessarily that Ischyras and others ordained by him were only laymen (Ath. Apol. cont. Arian. 12, 75–77, 80, pp. 106, 152). The passages cited mention also a sect of Colluthians. Bp. Alexander, in a letter preserved by Theodoret (Ecc. Hist. i. 4), seems to imply that Colluthus commenced his schismatical proceedings before Arius had separated from the church. A phrase used by Alexander (Χριστεμπορεία) has been understood by Valesius to charge Colluthus with taking money for conferring orders. Valesius also infers that the cause of Colluthus's separation was 199impatience that Alexander had not taken stronger measures against Arianism. The name Colluthus is the first among those presbyters who subscribed to Alexander's condemnation of Arius (Gelas. Cyzic. ii. 3). These authorities accuse Colluthus of schism, not heresy; as is also indicated by the mildness of the action of the council, which would probably have excommunicated him had he been deeply tainted with erroneous doctrine. Epiphanius mentions in general terms (Haer. 69, 728) that Colluthus taught some perverse things, and founded a sect, which was soon dispersed. The first to give Colluthus a separate heading in heretical lists is Philastrius (79), followed by Augustine and later heresiologists. Philastrius charges him with contradicting Is. xlv. 7, by teaching that God did not make evil. Tillemont, vi. 231; Walch, Hist. der Ketz. iv. 502; Harnack, Alt. Chr. Lit. i. 480.


« Coelicolae Colluthus, presbyter and sect founder Collyridians »
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