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Selected Stanzas

"I find in my Beloved the mountains, the lonely and wooded vales, the distant isles, the murmur of the waters, the soft whisper of the zephyrs . . . the quiet night with its sister the dawn, the perfect solitude—all that delights and all that fires our love."—St. John of the Cross.

I hold full sweet your memory,

My childhood days, so glad, so free.

To keep my innocence, dear Lord, for Thee,

Thy Love came to me night and day,


. . . . . .

I loved the swallows' graceful flight,

The turtle doves' low chant at night,

The pleasant sound of insects gay and bright,

The grassy vale where doth belong

Their song.

. . . . . .

I loved the glow-worm on the sod;

The countless stars, so near to God,

But most I loved, in all the sky abroad,

The shining moon of silver bright,

At night.

. . . . . .

The grass is withered in its bed;

The flowers within my hands are dead.

Would that my weary feet, Jesu! might tread

Thy Heavenly Fields, and I might be

With Thee!

. . . . . .

My rainbow in the rain-washed skies—

Horizon where my suns arise—

My isle in far-off seas—pearl I most prize—

Sweet spring and butterflies—I see

In Thee!

. . . . . .

In Thee I have the springs, the rills,

The mignonette, the daffodils,

The Eglantine, the harebell on the hills,

The trembling poplar, sighing low

And slow.

. . . . . .

The lovely lake, the valley fair

And lonely in the lambent air,

The ocean touched with silver everywhere—

In Thee their treasures, all combined,

I find.

. . . . . .

I go to chant, with Angel-throngs,

The homage that to Thee belongs.

Soon let me fly away, to join their songs!

Oh, let me die of love, I pray,

One day!

. . . . . .

I hear, e'en I, Thy last and least,

The music from Thy Heavenly Feast;

There, deign receive me as Thy loving guest

And, to my harp, let me but sing,

My King!

. . . . . .

Unto the Saints I shall be near,

To Mary, and those once treasured here.

Life is all past, and dried is every tear;

To me my home again is given—

In Heaven.

April 28, 1895.

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