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Oh! how I love Thee, Jesus! my soul aspires to Thee—

And yet for one day only my simple prayer I pray!

Come reign within my heart, smile tenderly on me,

To-day, dear Lord, to-day!

But if I dare take thought of what the morrow brings,

It fills my fickle heart with dreary, dull dismay;

I crave, indeed, my God, the Cross and sufferings,

But only for to-day!

O sweetest Star of Heaven! O Virgin, spotless, blest,

Shining with Jesus' light, guiding to Him my way!

Mother! beneath thy veil let my tired spirit rest,

For this brief passing day!

Soon shall I fly afar among the holy choirs,

Then shall be mine the joy that knoweth no decay;

And then my lips shall sing, to Heaven's angelic lyres,

The eternal, glad To-day!

June, 1894.

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