« Zamzummim Zanoah Zaphnathpaaneah »



  • A town of Judah in the Shefelah or plain, (Joshua 15:34; Nehemiah 3:13; 11:30) possibly identical with Zanu’a .
  • A town of Judah in the highland district, (Joshua 15:66) not improbably identical with Sanute, about 10 miles south of Hebron.
  • In the genealogical lists of the tribe of Judah in 1 Chron., Jekuthiel is said to have been the father of Zanoah. ch. (1 Chronicles 4:18) As Zanoah is the name of a town of Judah, this mention of Bithiah probably points to some colonization of the place by Egyptians or by Israelites directly from Egypt.
« Zamzummim Zanoah Zaphnathpaaneah »
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