« Nard Nathan Nathanael »


(a giver).

  • An eminent Hebrew prophet in the reigns of David and Solomon. (B.C. 1015.) He first appears in the consultation with David about the building of the temple. (2 Samuel 7:2,3,17) He next comes forward as the reprover of David for the sin with Bathsheba; and his famous apologue on the rich man and the ewe lamb, which is the only direct example of his prophetic power, shows it to have been of a very high order. (2 Samuel 12:1-12)
  • A son of David; one of the four who were borne to him by Bathsheba. (1 Chronicles 3:5) comp, 1Chr 14:4 and 2Sam 5:14
  • Son or brother of one of the members of David’s guard. (2 Samuel 23:36; 1 Chronicles 11:38)
  • One of the head men who returned from Babylon with Ezra on his second expedition. (Ezra 8:16) 1 Esdr. 8:44. It is not impossible that he may be the same with the “son of Bani.” (Ezra 10:39)
« Nard Nathan Nathanael »
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