« Kneadingtroughs Knife Knop »


  • The knives of the Egyptians, and of other nations in early times, were probably only of hard stone, and the use of the flint or stone knife was sometimes retained for sacred purposes after the introduction of iron and steel.
  • In their meals the Jews, like other Orientals, made little use of knives, but they were required both for slaughtering animals, either for food or sacrifice, and for cutting up the carcass. (Leviticus 7:33,34; 8:15,20,25; 9:13; Numbers 18:18; 1 Samuel 9:24) etc.
  • Smaller knives were in use for paring fruit (Josephus) and for sharpening pens. (Jeremiah 36:23)
  • The razor was often used for Nazarite purposes, for which a special chamber was reserved in the temple. (Numbers 6:5,9,19; Ezekiel 5:1), etc.
  • The pruning-hooks of (Isaiah 18:5) were probably curved knives.
  • The lancets of the priests of Baal were doubtless pointed knives. (1 Kings 18:28)
« Kneadingtroughs Knife Knop »
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