« Jiphthahel Jirjathaim Joaada »


(the two cities).

  • On the east of the Jordan, one of the places which were taken possession of and rebuilt by the Reubenites, and had fresh names conferred on them, (Numbers 32:37) and see (Numbers 32:38) the first and last of which are known with some tolerable degree of certainty. (Joshua 12:19) It existed in the time of Jeremiah, (Jeremiah 48:1,23) and Ezekiel. (Ezekiel 25:9) In the three passages named the Authorized Version gives the name Kiriathaim. By Eusebius it appears to have been well known. He describes it as a village entirely of Christians, ten miles west of Medeba, “close to the Baris.”
  • A town in Naphtali not mentioned in the original list of the possession allotted to the tribe, see (Joshua 19:32-39) but inserted in the list of cities given to the Gershonite Levites in (1 Chronicles 6:76) in place of Kartan in the parallel catalogue, Kartan being probably only a contraction thereof.
« Jiphthahel Jirjathaim Joaada »
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