« Serah Seraiah Seraphim »


  • The king’s scribe or secretary in the reign of David. (2 Samuel 8:17) (B.C. 1043.)
  • The high priest in the reign of Zedekiah. (2 Kings 25:18; 1 Chronicles 6:14; Jeremiah 52:24) (B.C. 594.)
  • The son of Tanhumeth the Netophathite. (2 Kings 25:23; Jeremiah 40:8)
  • The son of Kenaz and brother of Othniel. (1 Chronicles 4:13,14)
  • Ancestor of Jehu a Simeonite chieftain. (1 Chronicles 4:35)
  • One of the children of the province who returned with Zerubbabel. (Ezra 2:2) (B.C. 536.)
  • One of the ancestors of Ezra the scribe. (Ezra 7:1)
  • A priest, or priestly family, who signed the covenant with Nehemiah. (Nehemiah 10:2)
  • A priest, the son of Hilkiah. (Nehemiah 11:11)
  • The head of a priestly house which went up from Babylon with Zerubbabel. (Nehemiah 12:12)
  • The son of Neriah and brother of Baruch. (Jeremiah 51:59,61) He went with Zedekiah to Babylon in the fourth year of his reign. (B.C. 594.) Perhaps he was an officer who took charge of the royal caravan on its march, and fixed the places where it should halt.
« Serah Seraiah Seraphim »
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