« Pavement Pavilion Peacocks »


a temporary movable tent or habitation.

  • Soc, properly an enclosed place, also rendered “tabernacle,” “covert” and “den;” once only “pavilion.” (Psalms 27:5) (Among the Egyptians pavilions were built in a similar style to houses, though on a smaller scale in various parts of the country, and in the foreign districts through which the Egyptian armies passed, for the use of the king—Wilkinson .)
  • Succah, Usually “tabernacle” and “booth.”
  • Shaphrur and shaphrir, a word used once only, in (Jeremiah 49:10) to signify glory or splendor, and hence probably to be understood of the splendid covering of the royal throne.
« Pavement Pavilion Peacocks »
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