« Ittahkazin Ittai Ituraea »


(with the Lord).

  • “Ittai the Gittite,” i.e. the native of Gath, a Philistine in the army of King David. He appears only during the revolution of Absalom. (B.C. 1023.) We first discern him on the morning of David’s flight. The king urges him to return. (2 Samuel 15:18,19) Comp. 1Sam 23:13; 27:2; 30:9,10,19,20 But ittai is firm; he is the king’s slave, and wherever his master goes he will go. Accordingly he is allowed by David to proceed. When the army was numbered and organized by David at Mahanaim, Ittai again appears, now in command of a third part of the force. (2 Samuel 18:2,5,12)
  • Son of Ribai, from Gibeah of Benjamin; one of the thirty heroes of David’s guard. (2 Samuel 23:29)
« Ittahkazin Ittai Ituraea »
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