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  • A fortified city, which on the occupation of the country was allotted to Naphtali. (Joshua 19:36) Its position was apparently between Ramah and Kedesh, ibid. (Joshua 12:19) on the high ground overlooking the Lake of Merom. There is no reason for supposing it a different place from that of which Jabin was king. (Joshua 11:1; Judges 4:2,17; 1 Samuel 12:9) It was the principal city of the whole of north Palestine. (Joshua 11:10) It was fortified by Solomon, (1 Kings 9:15) and its inhabitants were carried captive by Tiglath-pileser. (2 Kings 15:29) The most probable site of Hazor is Tell Khuraibeh .
  • One of the “cities” of Judah in the extreme south, named next in order to Kedesh. (Joshua 15:23)
  • Hazor-Hadattah = “new Hazor” another of the southern towns of Judah. (Joshua 15:25)
  • A place in which the Benjamites resided after their return from the captivity. (Nehemiah 11:33)
« Hazo Hazor Headdress »
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