« Gahar Gaius Galaad »


or Cai’us (lord)—

  • A Macedonian who accompanied Paul in his travels, and whose life was in danger from the mob at Ephesus. (Acts 19:29) (A.D. 54.)
  • Of Derbe. He went with Paul from Corinth in his last journey to Jerusalem. (Acts 20:4) (A.D. 54.)
  • Of Corinth, whom Paul baptized and who was his host in his second journey in that city. (1 Corinthians 1:14; Romans 16:23) (These are supposed by some to be only one person.)
  • John’s third epistle is addressed to Christian of this name. We may possibly identify him with No. 2.
« Gahar Gaius Galaad »
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