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§ 29. Sources of Salvation.

If man is to be redeemed from the lost condition in which he lies since the Fall, this can be accomplished only through divine grace. This exhibits itself in three acts, one of which proceeds from the Father, another from the Son, and the third from the Holy Ghost. The Father is moved with compassion towards fallen man, and this impels Him to the gracious determination to effect redemption by the sending of the Son. The Son accomplishes this redemption, and the Holy Spirit offers to man the means whereby he can appropriate it to himself. The third part of our work therefore treats: I. Of the benevolence of God the Father towards fallen man, who is to be delivered and blessed; II. Of the fraternal redemption of Christ; III. Of the grace of the Holy Spirit in the application of redemption15 1 5 HOLL. (585): “The sources of salvation are the acts of divine grace, upon which the eternal salvation of men depends. The Saviour Himself, John 3:16, points to these three sources of salvation. God, by loving the world, and giving His Son as Mediator, manifests His benevolence. The Son was given to rescue from destruction the world, i.e., the entire human race inhabiting this earth, and thus to become its Redeemer. The means of enjoying the redemption of Christ is true faith, fixed in Christ’s merit, which the Holy Spirit (inasmuch as He is called the spirit of faith, 2 Cor. 4:13) enkindles by His efficacious working through the Word and Sacraments.” QUEN. (III, 1): All three persons of the Godhead have been occupied in the procuring of human salvation. The Father loves those who have fallen, the Son redeems those who have been loved, and the Holy Ghost calls and teaches those who have been redeemed.”

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