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Hymn II.

1.  This day are opened, our mouths to give thanks.  They who opened the breaches, have opened my sons’ mouths.  Thank the Merciful, who has delivered the men of our city, nor thought at that time of exacting the debts that were due by us.  When they rose up they that took us cap169tive, the worlds in our deliverance, tasted of Thy graciousness.

R.  From all that have mouths, glory be to Thy grace!

2.  He has saved us without wall, and taught us that He is our wall:  He has saved us without king and made us know that is our king:  He has saved us, in each and all, and showed us that He is All:  He has saved us in His grace and again reveals, that freely He has mercy and quickens.  From every boaster, He takes away his boasting, and gives it to His own grace.

3.  The sound of all mouths, is too little for Thy praise:  for lo! in the hour when our light was smoking, and was at the point to be quenched (seeing that all is easy to Thee) of a sudden it awoke and shone!  Who has seen these two marvels, that for him whose hope was cut off, hope has sprung up and increased; the hour of mourning has been turned into good tidings?

4.  This is a festival day, whereon hang the feasts:  for if wrath had taken us captive, lo! our feasts too had ceased.  Whereas our peace has conquered and triumphed, lo! our festivals resound.  This blessed day supports all:  upon it depends the city, on the city depends the people, on the people depends peace, on peace depends all.

5.  Out of these breaches, Thou hast multiplied triumphs.  Praise unto the Triune God goes up from the three breaches; for that He descended and repaired them, in His mercy which restrains wrath.  He smote the enemy who understood not that He was teaching us.  He taught those within, for in His justice He made the breaches; He taught those without, for in His goodness He repaired them.

6.  Speak and give glory, my delivered ones on this day; old men and boys, young men and maidens, children and innocents, and thou, O Church, mother of the city!  For the old men have been rescued from captivity, the youths from torture, the sucklings from being dashed in pieces, the women from dishonour, and the Church from mockery.

7.  He came to us with hardness; we were afraid for a moment: He came in gentleness, and we rejoiced for an hour.  He turned and left us for a little, we wandered without end; like a beast of prey which is trained by blandishments and by fear, but if so be that men turn from it, rebels and strays and becomes savage in the midst of peace.

8.  He punished us and we feared not; He rescued us, and we were not shamed:  He straitened us and our vows were multiplied; He enlarged us and our crimes were multiplied.  When He constrained there was a covenant, when He gave breathing-space there was straying.  Though He knew us He lowered Himself to establish us.  In the evening we exalted Him; in the morning we rejected Him.  When necessity left us, faithfulness left us.

9.  He afflicted us by the breaches, that He might punish our crimes:  He raised the mounds that thereby, He might humble our boasting.  He made a breach for the seas that thereby, He might wash away our pollution.  He shut us in that we might gather together in His Temple.  He shut us in and we were quenched; He set us free and we went astray.  We are like unto wool, which passes into every colour.

10.  We know that when the blessed sons of Nineveh repented, it was not because of mounds they repented, nor yet by means of waters, nor was it by reason of a breach, nor yet by reason of bows; it was not at the sound of the bowstring they feared and repented.  They harkened to a feeble voice; they caused their little ones to fast; they made their youths chaste, they made their kings humble.

11.  Thou smotest us and we justified Thee, for it befel not by chance; Thou deliveredst us and we gave thanks, for it was not that we were worthy.  Thou hadst mercy on us not because Thou erredst, in hoping that we should repent.  It was manifest to Thee that when Thou hadst mercy on us we strayed.  Thou knewest that we had sinned; Thou knewest that we are sinners:  with our 170iniquity that has been and is, Thou wast acquainted when Thou hadst mercy on us.

12.  Weigh our repentance, that it may outbalance our crimes!  But not in even balance, ascends either weight; for our crimes are heavy and manifold, and our repentance is light.  He had commanded that we should be sold for our debt:  His mercy became our advocate; principal and increase, we repaid with the farthing, which our repentance proffered.

13.  Ten thousand talents for that little payment, our debt He forgave us.  He was bound to exact it, that He might appease His justice:  He was constrained again to forgive, that He might make His grace to rejoice.  Our tears for the twinkling of an eye we gave Him; He satisfied His justice, in exacting and taking a little; He made His grace to rejoice, when for a little He forgave much.

14.  Ten thousand are the crimes that He has pardoned; ten thousand tongues, are unable to suffice, in presence of His goodness.  He has pardoned us and we have not pardoned; we have requited to Him contrariwise; the guilt committed we write up afresh.  “Pardon, O Lord,” we cry; “Requite, O Lord,” we pray:  “pardon” verily when we have done wrong; “requite” verily when wrong is done us.

15.  Yea not as those without, have we laboured for our lives.  They have raised their mounds, but we not even our voices:  they have broken through the wall, but we—not even the chains, the frail chains on our heart within have we broken.  God has rejected the diligent, for the sake of the slothful; He has rejected the labour done without, though He was rejected from within.

16.  He has set free them that talked, and smitten the silent; the wall was beaten, and the people were instructed:  He spared them that can suffer, He smote that which knows no suffering.  For instead of souls that feel, He smote the stones that feel not, that He might chasten us.  In His love He spared our bodies, and hasted to smite our wall.

17.  Who has ever seen, that a breach became as a mirror?  Two parties looked thereinto; it served for those without and those within.  They saw therein as with eyes, the Power that breaks down and builds up:  they saw Him who made the breach and again repaired it.  Those without saw His might; they departed and tarried not till evening:  those within saw His help; they gave thanks yet sufficed not.

18.  Let the day of thy deliverance, arouse thee from sloth!  When the wall was broken through, when the elephants pressed in, when the javelins showered, when men did valiantly, then was there a sight for the heavenly ones.  Iniquity fought there; mercy triumphed there; lovingkindness prevailed below; the watchers shouted on high.

19.  And thine enemy wearied himself, striving to smite by his wiles, the wall that encompassed thee, a bulwark to thine inhabitants.  He wearied himself and availed not; and in order that he might not hope, that if He broke through He should also enter and take us captive, he broke it through and not once only; and was put to shame, nor was that enough, even unto three times, that he might be shamed thrice in the three.

20.  Let my happiness by God’s grace, be also multiplied in thy midst!  Whereas in thee my crimes have been many, many be in thee my fruits!  Whereas in thee I have sinned in my youth, in thee let there be mercy for my old age!  By the mouth of thy sons pray for thy son, for I have sinned beyond my ability, and have repented below my ability; I have scattered above measure, and have gathered below measure.

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