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Nisibene Hymns.

Hymn I.

1.  O God of mercies Who didst refresh Noah, he too refreshed Thy mercies.  He offered sacrifice and stayed the flood; he presented gifts and received the promise.  With prayer and incense he propitiated Thee:  with an oath and with the bow Thou wast gracious to him; so that if the flood should essay to hurt the earth, the bow should stretch itself over against it, to banish it away and hearten the earth.  As Thou hast sworn peace so do Thou maintain it, and let Thy bow strive against Thy wrath!

R.  Stretch forth Thy bow against the flood, for lo! it has lifted up its waves against our walls!

2.  In revelation, Lord! it has been proclaimed, that that lowly blood which Noah sprinkled, wholly restrained Thy wrath for all generations; how much mightier then shall be the blood of Thy Only Begotten, that the sprinkling of it should restrain our flood!  For lo! it was but as mysteries of Him that those lowly sacrifices gained virtue, which Noah offered, and stayed by them Thy wrath.  Be propitiated by the gift upon my altar, and stay from me the deadly flood.  So shall both Thy signs bring deliverance, to me Thy cross and to Noah Thy bow!  Thy cross shall cleave the sea of waters; Thy bow shall stay the flood of rain.

3.  Lo! all the billows trouble me; and Thou hast given more favour to the ark:  for waves alone encompassed it, mounds and weapons and waves encircle me.  It was unto Thee a storehouse of treasures, but I have been a storehouse of debts:  it in Thy love subdued the waves; I in Thy wrath, am left desolate among the weapons; the flood bore it, the river threatens me.  O Helmsman of that ark, be my pilot on the dry land!  To it Thou gavest rest in the haven of a mountain; to me give Thou rest also in the haven of my walls!

4.  The Just One has chastened me abundantly, but it He loved even among the waves.  For Noah overcame the waves of lust, which had drowned in his generation the sons of Seth.  Because his flesh revolted against the daughters of Cain, his chariot rode on the surface of the waves.  Because women defiled him not, he coupled the beasts, whereof in the ark he joined together, all pairs in the yoke of wedlock.  The olive which with its oil gladdens the face, with its leaf gladdened their countenances:  for me the river whereof to drink is wont to make joyful, lo! O Lord, by its flood it makes me mournful.

5.  The foulness of my guilt Thy righteousness has seen, and Thy pure eyes abhor me.  Thou hast gathered the waters by the hand of the unclean, that Thou mightest make for me purification of my guilt; not that in them Thou mightest baptize and purify me, but that in them Thou mightest chasten me with fear.  For the waves will stir up to prayer, which shall wash away my guilt.  The sight of them which is full of repentance, has been to me a baptism.  The sea, O Lord, which should have drowned me, in it let Thy mercies drown my guilt.  In the Red Sea Thou didst drown bodies; in this sea drown Thou my guilt instead of bodies!

6.  An ark in Thy mercy Thou didst prepare, that Thou mightest preserve in it all the remnants.  That Thou shouldest not desolate the earth in Thy wrath, Thy compassion made an earth of wood.  Thou didst empty them one into the other; Thou didst 168render them back one unto the other.  But my lands have thrice been filled and emptied again; and now against me the waves rebel, to overwhelm the remnant that has escaped in me.  In the ark Thou didst save a remnant; save in me, O Lord, yea in me a leaven.  The ark upon the mountain brought forth; let me in my lands bring forth my imprisoned ones!

7.  O Lord, gladden Thou in me the imprisoned ones of my fortresses, Thou Who didst gladden those prisoners with the olive leaf!  Thou sentest healing by means of the dove to the sick ones that were drowning in every wave; it entered in and drove out all their pains.  For the joy of it swallowed up their sorrow, and mourning vanished away in its consolation.  And as the chief of a host gives heartening to the fugitives, so the dove disseminated courage among the forsaken.  Their eyes tasted the sight of peace, and their mouth hasted to open in Thy praise.  As the olive leaf in the waves, save Thou me, that Thou mayest gladden in me the prisoners of my fortresses!

8.  The flood assails, and dashes against our walls:  may the all-sustaining might uphold them!  It falls not as the building of the sand, for I have not built my doctrine upon the sand:  a rock shall be for me the foundation, for on Thy rock have I built my faith; the secret foundation of my trust, shall support my walls.  For the walls of Jericho fell, because on the sand she had built her trust.  Moses built a wall in the sea, for on a rock his understanding built it.  The foundation of Noah was on a rock; the dwelling place of wood it bore up in the sea.

9.  Compare the souls which are in me, with the living things that were in the ark; and instead of Noah who mourned in it, lo! Thy altar mourning and humbled.  Instead of the wedded wives that were in it, lo! my virgins that are unmarried.  Instead of Ham who went forth from it and uncovered his father’s nakedness, lo! workers of righteousness, who have nourished and clothed apostles.  In my pains, O my Lord, I rave in my speech; blame me not if my words provoke Thee!  Thou puttest to silence the prosperous when they murmured:  have mercy on me as on them that were silenced aforetime!

10.  Before Thy wrath Thou madest a house of refuge, and all the nations rebelled against it.  Noah was refreshed in rest, that his dwelling-place should give rest according to his name.  Thou didst close the doors to save the righteous one; Thou didst open the floods to destroy the unclean.  Noah stood between the terrible waves that were without, and the destroying mouths that were within:  the waves tossed him and the mouths dismayed him.  Thou madest peace for him with them that were within; Thou broughtest down before him them that were without:  Thou didst speedily change his troubles, for light to Thee, O Lord, are hard things.

11.  Hear and weigh the comparison of me with Noah, and though my suffering be light beside his, let Thy mercy make our deliverance alike; for lo! my children stand like him, between the wrathful and the destroyer.  Give peace, O Lord, among them that are within, and humble before me them that are without; and give me twofold victory!  And whereas the slayer has made his rage threefold, may He of the three days show me threefold mercy!  Let not the Evil One overcome Thy lovingkindness:  seeing he has assailed me twice and thrice overcome Thou him!  Let my victory fly abroad through the world, that it may earn Thee praise in the world!  O Thou who didst rise on the third day, give us not over to death in our third peril!

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