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Epistle XXXIII.

To Justinus, Prætor14381438    Now Prætor of Sicily.  Cf. I. 2..

Gregory to Justinus, &c.

The spite of the ancient foe has this way of its own, that in the case of those whom, through God resisting him, he cannot delude into the perpetration of evil deeds, he maims their reputation for a time by false reports.  Seeing, then, that a sinister rumour about our brother and fellow-bishop Leo14391439    Bishop of Catana in Sicily.  Cf. I. 72. had disseminated certain things inconsistent with his priestly profession, we caused strict and lengthened enquiry to be made as to whether they were true, and we have found no fault in him touching the things that had been said.  But, that nothing might seem to be omitted, and that no possible doubt might remain in our heart, we caused him over and above to take a strict oath before the most sacred body of the blessed Peter.  And, when he had done this, we rejoiced with great exultation that from a proof of this kind his innocence evidently shone forth.  Wherefore let your Glory receive the aforesaid man with all charity, and shew him reverence such as is becoming towards a priest; nor let any doubtfulness remain in your heart touching the charges from which he has now been purged.  But it lies upon you so to cleave in all respects to the above-named bishop, that you may be seen fittingly and becomingly in his person to honour God, whose minister he is.

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