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Epistle XXXIV.

To Maximianus, Bishop of Syracuse.

Gregory to Maximianus, &c.

I remember to have often admonished you to be by no means hasty in passing sentence.  And lo, I have now learnt that your Fraternity in a fit of anger has excommunicated the most reverend abbot Eusebius.  Now I am much 111bastonished that neither his former conversation, nor his advanced age, nor his long-continued sickness, could turn your mind from wrath.  For, whatever his transgression may have been, the very affliction of sickness ought to have sufficed as a scourge for him.  For to one crushed by divine discipline it was superfluous to add human scourges.  But perhaps thou hast been allowed to exceed in the case of such a person, in order that thou mightest become more cautious in the case of others of less account, and ponder long when thou art disposed to smite any one through a sentence.  Yet still comfort this same man with a sweetness proportionate to the fury with which thou hast exasperated him, since it is very unjust that the very persons who have loved thee most should find thee without cause most bitter against themselves.

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