KEENE, JAMES BENNETT: Church of Ireland, bishop of Meath; b. at Dublin Oct. 25, 1849. He studied at Trinity College, Dublin (B.A., 1871), and was ordered deacon in 1872 and ordained priest in the following year. He was curate of St. Matthias, Dublin (1872-74), diocesan curate of Meath (1874-77), Y. M. C. A. chaplain at Dublin (1877-1879), incumbent of Ballyboy (1879), and rector of Navan (1879-97). In 1897 he was consecrated bishop of Meath. He has been examining chaplain to the bishop of Meath (1885-94), prebendary of Tipper and canon of St. Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin (1892-97), and rural dean of Skryne (1896-1897).

KEENER, JOHN CHRISTIAN: Methodist Episcopal (South) bishop; b. at Baltimore, Md., Feb. 7, 1819. He was graduated at Wesleyan University, Middletown, Conn., in 1835, and, after being engaged in business for six years, entered the ministry of his denomination in 1841. For the next seven years he was pastor of churches in Alabama and from 1848 to 1861 was pastor at New Orleans, being also presiding elder in 1858 and 1860. He was then superintendent of the chaplains attached to the Confederate Army west of the Mississippi until 1864, when he returned to New Orleans as presiding elder and editor of the New Orleans Christian Advocate. In 1870 he was elected bishop. In 1873 he established a Methodist Episcopal mission in Mexico. He has written: The Post Oak Circuit (Nashville, Tenn., 1857); Studies of Bible Truths (1899); and The Garden of Eden and the Flood (1900).

KEIL, kail, KARL AUGUST GOTTLIEB: German theologian; b. at Grossenhain (19 m. n.n.w. of Dresden), Saxony, Apr. 23, 1754; d. at Leipsic Apr. 22, 1818. Left an orphan at an early age, he was adopted by an uncle in Leipsic in 1763, and studied at the university of that city. In 1785 he was appointed assistant professor of philosophy; became assistant professor of theology two years later and in 1792, upon the death of his former teacher, Professor Morus, he succeeded to the chair of theology. Keil may be regarded as a worthy representative of the Leipsic school of theology, which exercised a considerable influence during the latter part of the eighteenth and the beginning of the nineteenth century. He published a Lehrbuch der Hermeneutik des Neuen Testaments (Leipsic, 1810) and wrote a number of essays, which were collected by J. D. Goldhorn and published under the title Keilii opuscula academica ad Novi Testamenti interpretationem grammatico-historicam et theologiae christianae origines pertinentia (1820). From 1812 to 1817 Keil collaborated with Tzschirner in editing the Analekten für das Studium der exegetischen und systematischen Theologie.


BIBLIOGRAPHY: His autobiography is included in Kreusler, Beschreibung der Feierlichkeiten am Jubelfeste der Universität Leipzig, Dec. 4, 1809, pp. 10-16, Leipsic, 1810.


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