Page 305 Crell, Johann. See Socinus, Faustus, Socinians, I., § 2
Cremer, August Hermann
Crespin, Jean
Crete in the Apostolic Age
Page 306 Cretoni, Serafino
Crisp, Tobias
Crispin and Crispinian, Saints
Critici Sacri
Croall Lectures
Page 307 Crocius, Johannes
Cromwell, Oliver
Page 308 Crooker, Joseph Henry
Crooks, George Richard
Crosby, Fanny (Frances Jane Van Alstyne)
Crosby, Howard
Page 309 Cross and Its Use as a Symbol
Page 310 Cross, Exaltation of the
Cross, Invention (Finding) of the
Page 311 Cross, Orders of the
Cross, Sign of the. See Cross and Its Use as a Symbol
Crosthwaite, Robert Jarratt
Page 312 Crowther, Samuel Adjai
Crozier, John Baptist
Page 313


Page 314 Cruciger (Creuziger, Creutzinger), Kaspar
Cruden, Alexander
Page 315 Crusades
Page 316


Page 317


Page 318 Crusius, Christian August
Cruttwell, Charles Thomas
Page 319 Crypt
Cudworth, Ralph
Page 320 Culdees. See Celtic Church in Britain and Ireland, III., 2, § 4
Culm, Bishopric of
Culverwel, Nathanael
Cumberland Presbyterian Church. See Presbyterians
Cummian (Cumean, Cumine, Cuimine)
Page 321 Cummins, George David
Cuneiform Inscriptions. See Inscriptions, II
Cunitz, August Eduard
Cunningham, John
Cunningham, William
Page 322 Cunningham Lectures
Curci, Carlo Maria
Cureton, William
Page 323 Cureus, Joachim
Page 324


Page 325 Curione, Celio Secondo
Page 326 Cush, Cushites
Page 327 Cusa, Nicholas of (Nikolaus Cryftz or Krebs)
Page 328 Currier, Charles Warren
Curtis, Edward Lewis
Curtis, William Alexander
Curtiss, Samuel Ives
Curtius (Korte, Kortheim, Kortmann), Valentin
Page 329 Cust, Robert Needham
Cuthbert, Saint
Page 330 Cuyler, Theodore Ledyard
Cynewulf (Kynewulf, Cynwulf)
Page 331


Page 332 Cyprian, Ernst Salomon
Cyprus. See Asian Minor, X
Cyran, Saint. See Du Vergier de Hauranne, Jean
Cyrenius. See Quirinius
Page 333 Cyril of Alexandria
Page 334 Cyril of Jerusalem
Page 335 Cyril Lucar
Page 336 Cyril and Methodius
Page 337


Page 338 Cyrus the Great
Page 339 Cysat, Renward, and the Counterreformation in Switzerland
Page 340 Czerski, Johann. See German Catholicism
Dabney, Robert Lewis
Dach, Simon
Page 341 D'Achery, Jean Luc. See Achery, Jean Luc D'
Da Costa, Izaak
Page 342 Daillé, (Dallæus), Jean
Daland, William Clifton
Dale, James Wilkinson
Page 343 Dale, Robert William
Dalman, Gustaf Herman
Dalmatic. See Vestments and Insignia, Ecclesiastical
Dalton, Hermann
Page 344 Damascenus (Damaskinos) the Studite
Page 345 Damasus
Damian, Saint. See Cosmas and Damian, Saints
Damiani, Pietro. See Peter Damian, Saint
Page 346 Damien, Father. See Venster, Joseph de
Dancers (Dansatores, Chorizantes)
Daneau (Dannæus), Lambert
Page 347 Daniel, Apocryphal Additions to. See Apocrypha, Old Testament, A, IV., 3
Daniel, Book of
Page 348


Page 349


Page 350


Page 351 Daniel, Elector of Mainz, and the Counterreformation in the Eichsfeld
Page 352 Dann, Christian Adam
Dannhauer, Johann Conrad
Page 353 Danovius, Ernst Jakob
Dante, Alighieri
Page 354


Page 355