Page 254 Constantine
Page 255


Page 256 Constantinopolitan Creed
Page 257


Page 258


Page 259


Page 260 Consubstantiation
Contarini, Gasparo
Page 261 Conventicle
Conventicle Act
Converse, James Booth
Page 262


Page 263 Convocation
Convulsionists. See Jansen, Cornelius, Jansenism
Conway, Moncure Daniel
Conwell, Russell Herman
Page 264 Conybeare, Frederick Cornwallis
Conybeare, John
Conybeare, William John
Cook, Charles
Cook, Emile Francis
Cook, Frederic Charles
Page 265 Cook, (Flavius) Joseph(us)
Cooke, George Albert
Cooke, Henry
Cookman, Alfred
Cooper, James
Cooper, Thomas
Page 266 Cooperator
Cope. See Vestments and Insignia, Ecclesiastical
Copleston, Reginald Stephen
Coppin (Copping), John
Coptic Church
Page 267


Page 268


Page 269 Coquerel, Athanase Josué
Coquerel, Athanase Laurent Charles
Page 270 Coquerel, Charles Augustin
Page 271 Cordus, Euricius
Corinth. See Greece, I
Corinthians, First and Second Epistles to the. See Paul the Apostle
Page 272 Cornelius a Lapide
Cornill, Carl Heinrich
Corporation Act
Page 273 Corporations. See Religious Corporations
Corpus Catholicorum
Corpus Christi
Corpus Doctrinæ
Page 274


Page 275 Corpus Evangelicorum
Corpus Juris Canonici. See Canon Law, II., 7
Correction, Houses of
Corrigan, Michael Augustine
Corrodi, Heinrich
Page 276 Corvey
Corvinus (Rabe, "raven," not Raebener), Antonius
Corwin, Edward Tanjore
Page 277 Cosin, John
Cosmas and Damian, Saints
Cosmas Indicopleustes
Page 278 Costa, Izaak Da. See Da Costa
Costa Rica. See Central America
Cotelerius, Johannes Baptista (Jean-Baptiste Cotelier)
Cotta. See Vestments and Insignia, Ecclesiastical
Cotta, Ursula. See Luther, Martin
Cotterill, Thomas
Cotton, John
Page 279 Coulin, Frank
Coullié, Pierre Hector
Councils and Synods
Page 280


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Page 282


Page 283


Page 284 Counterreformation
Courayer, Pierre Francois le
Page 285 Courcelles, Étienne
Court, Antoine
Page 286 Cousin, Victor
Page 287 Coussirat, Daniel
Page 288


Page 289 Covenanters
Page 290


Page 291 Coverdale, Miles
Cowan, Henry
Page 292 Cowl
Cowles, Henry
Cowper, William
Cox, Samuel
Cox, Samuel Hanson
Coxe, Arthur Cleveland
Page 293 Coyle, Robert Francis
Crafts, Wilbur Fisk
Craig, James Alexander
Craig, John
Page 294 Crakanthorpe, Richard
Cramer, Johann Andreas
Cramer, Samuel
Crane, Louis Burton
Page 295 Cranmer, Thomas
Page 296 Cranston, Earl
Crapsey, Algernon Sidney
Crato of Crafftheim. See Krafft, Johann
Craven, Elijah Richardson
Crawford, Clarence Kerr
Creagh, John Thomas
Creation, Babylonian Accounts
Page 297


Page 298 Creation and Preservation of the World
Page 299


Page 300


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Page 303


Page 304 Creationism. See Soul and Spirit
Credence Table
Credner, Karl August
Creeds and Confessions. See Symbolics
Creighton, Mandell