Page 151 Codman, Robert
Coe, George Albert
Coelde, Dietrich (Dietrich of Münster). See Francis, Saint, of Assisi, and the Franciscan Order
Page 152 Cœlicolæ
Coelln, Daniel Georg Konrad von
Cœmgen (Kevin), Saint, of Glendalough
Page 153 Cœnobites. See Monasticism
Coit, Stanton
Colani, Timothée
Page 154 Colarbasus, Colarbasians. See Valentinus and His School
Coleman, Leighton
Coleman, Lyman
Colenso, John William
Page 155 Coleridge, Samuel Taylor
Page 156 Colet, John
Page 157 Coligny, Gaspard de
Page 158 Coligny, Odet de
Page 159 Collegia Nationalia (Pontificia)
Collegial or Collegiate Churches
Page 160 Collegiants (Rhynsburgers)
Collenbusch, Samuel
Page 161 Collier, Jeremy
Collins, Anthony
Collins, William Russell
Page 162 Collyer, Robert
Colman, Saint
Cologne, Archbishopric of
Page 163 Colombia
Colonna, Egidio. See Ægidius de Columna
Colored Methodist Episcopal Church
Colors in the Bible
Page 164


Page 165 Colossians, Epistle to the. See Paul the Apostle
Columba, Saint
Page 166 Columban, Saint
Page 167 Comba, Emilio
Combefis, Francois
Comber, Thomas James
Comenius, Johannes Amos
Page 168 Comes. See Pericope
Comgall, Saint, of Bangor
Commandments of the Church
Page 169 Commenda
Commendatory Letters (Literæ Formatæ)
Page 170 Commentaries
Commerce Among the Ancient Israelites
Page 171 Commination Service
Commodus (Marcus Aurelius Commodus Antoninus)
Page 172 Common Life, Brethren of the
Page 173


Page 174


Page 175


Page 176


Page 177 Common Prayer, Book of
Page 178


Page 179 Communicatio Idiomatum
Page 180


Page 181 Communion. See Lord's Supper
Communion of the Dead
Communion of Saints
Page 182 Communion of the Sick. See Lord's Supper, V., § 2
Page 183


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Page 187


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Page 190 Comparative Religion
Page 191


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