Page 101 Church Registers
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Page 103 Church and School
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Page 105 Church and State
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Page 112 Church Triumphant
Church Visitations
Page 113 Churchwardens
Page 114 Church Year
Page 115 Church, Alfred John
Church, Richard William
Churches of God in Christ Jesus. See Adventists, 6
Churching of Women
Page 116 Chytræus (Kochhafe), David
Page 117 Ciaran (Kieran), Saint, of Clonmacnoise
Ciaran (Kieran), Saint, of Saigir
Cilicium (Cilice)
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Page 119 Circumcision of Christ, Festival of. See New-Year's Festival
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Page 122 Cities in Palestine
Page 123 City Missions
Page 124 Ciudad, Juan (John of God). See Charity, Brothers of
Clairvaux. See Bernard of Clairvaux; Cistercians
Clap, Thomas
Page 125 Clare (Clara), Saint, and the Poor Clares
Clarendon, Constitutions of. See Becket, Thomas
Clareni (Clarenini). See Francis, Saint, of Assisi, and the Franciscan Order, III., § 7
Clark, Francis Edward
Clark, George Whitfield
Page 126 Clark, Thomas March
Clark, William Robinson
Clarke, Adam
Clarke, James Freeman
Page 127 Clarke, John
Clarke, Samuel
Page 128 Clarke, William Newton
Clarkson, Thomas
Page 129 Class-meeting
Claude, Jean
Claudianus Mamertus
Page 130 Claudius
Claudius, Matthias
Claudius of Turin
Page 131 Cleanness and Uncleanness. See Defilement and Purification, Ceremonial
Clémanges (Clamanges), Nicholas Poillevillain, of
Clemen, Carl Christian
Page 132 Clement
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Page 136 Clement
Page 137 Clement of Alexandria
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Page 139 Clement of Rome
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Page 141 Clementina
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Page 143 Clergy
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Page 145 Clericus, Johannes (Jean le Clerc)
Page 146 Clermont, Synods of
Cletus. See Anacletus; Clement of Rome
Clifford, John
Clifton (Clyfton), Richard
Clinical Baptism
Clowes, William. See Methodists I., 4
Cluny, Abbey and Congregation of
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Page 148 Coadjutor
Coan, Titus
Cobb, Henry Nitchie
Page 149 Cobb, Sanford Hoadley
Cobb, Sylvanus
Coblenz Articles. See Ems, Congress of
Cocceius, Johannes, and his School
Page 150 Cochlæus (Dobneck, Wendelstinus), Johannes