« Briconnet, Guillaume Brictinans Bridaine (Brydaine), Jacques »


BRICTINANS (Brittinans, Brittinians, so named from S. Blasius de Brictinis, a desolate region not far from Fano in Umbria): An Italian hermit-society founded during the pontificate of Gregory IX, who confirmed it in 1234 by an edict, enjoining upon the members the most rigorous asceticism, especially as to fasting and the total abstinence from flesh in any form between Sept. 14 and Easter of every year. Innocent IV sought, apparently with success, to merge them, as well as the anchorite orders of the Williamites and John-Bonites, in the new order of the Augustinians. A bull of Alexander IV, however, dated in 1260 (Potthast, Regesta, no. 17,915), assures them the right of independent existence.

O. Zöckler†.

« Briconnet, Guillaume Brictinans Bridaine (Brydaine), Jacques »
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