« Breitinger, Johann Jakob Bremen Bremen, Bishopric of »


BREMEN: A free city and state of the German Empire. The city is situated on the Weser, about forty-six miles from its mouth and 215 miles by rail w.n.w. of Berlin. The state includes also the 259 harbor-cities of Vegesack and Bremerhaven and about ninety-nine square miles of contiguous territory. The total population in 1900 was 224,697, of whom 163,292 belonged to the city of Bremen. Ninety-four per cent. are reported as Evangelical Protestants, 4.9 per cent. as Roman Catholics; the number of Jews is about 1,000. Of the Protestants nearly one-third are Reformed. The Protestants have no ecclesiastical organization, the government standing at the head of the Church and managing its affairs through a commission, which is also the school board. The various congregations are independent one of the other, but, individually, take a warm interest in missionary and benevolent work.

Bibliography: W. von Bippen, Geschichte der Stadt Bremen, 2 vols., Bremen, 1892–98; Jahrbuch für bremische Statistik, ib. 1905.

« Breitinger, Johann Jakob Bremen Bremen, Bishopric of »
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