« Arias, Benedictus Aribo Aristeas »


ARIBO, ɑ̄´´rî´bō: Bishop of Freising 764-784. If, as is probable, he is the boy whose story he tells in the Vita Corbiniani, xxxiv., he was born at Mais near Meran, and educated by Bishop Erembert of Freising. His signature appears first as witness to a document of 748. Under Bishop Joseph he was ordained and filled the office of notary, soon afterward of archpriest, and later of abbot of Scharnitz. After Joseph’s death (Jan. 17, 764), he was raised to the bishopric of Freising, whose possessions he increased considerably. The opposition of Tassilo, duke of Bavaria, to Frankish rule made trouble for him; he took the Frankish side, and appears to have been deprived of his bishopric by Tassilo, since in 782 Abbot Atto of Schledorf was in charge of the diocese, while Aribo did not die until May 4, 784. He wrote two biographies, one of St. Corbinian, whose relics he translated to Freising, probably in 768 (not fully completed; afterward retouched by the monk Hrotroc), and one of Emmeram, abbot and bishop of Regensburg. The former in its original form, ed. S. Riezler, was published at Munich in 1888; as completed, in C. Meichelbeck, Historia Frisingensis, i. (Augsburg, 1724), and in ASB, Sept., iii. 281-296; the latter is in Analecta Bollandiana, viii. (1889) 220-255, and in MGH, Script. rer. Merov., iv. (1902), pp. 452-524, and ASB, Sept., vi. 474-486.

(A. Hauck.)

Bibliography: Rettberg, KD, ii. 258-259; Wattenbach, DGQ, i. 138, 171; Hauck, KD, ii. 387.

« Arias, Benedictus Aribo Aristeas »
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