« Ammonius Saccas Amolo Amon, Egyptian Deity »


AMOLO, am´ō-lō: Archbishop of Lyons, 841-852. He was educated in the school of Lyons under Agobard, whom he succeeded in the archbishopric, and whom he resembled in his freedom from credulity and superstition. In a letter to Theotbold, bishop of Langres, dealing with a case of the exhibition of unauthorized relics by two men who came from Italy and pretended to be monks, he advised that they should be prohibited, citing other cases in his experience which had been mere fraud and avarice. Amolo also followed Agobard in his protest against the powerful position which the Jews were acquiring in the south of France. His book Adversus Judæos, dedicated to Charles the Bald, contains some interesting details as to the Messianic expectations of the Jews at the beginning of the Middle Ages. In a letter to Gottschalk, who had sought to find in him a supporter, he exhorts the imprisoned monk to submit to the judgment of the ecclesiastical authorities, and definitely repudiates several of his assertions on the subject of predestination. His works are in MPL, cxvi., and his letters in MGH, Epist., v. (1899) 361 sqq.

(A. Hauck).

« Ammonius Saccas Amolo Amon, Egyptian Deity »
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