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AMAZIAH, am´´ɑ̄-zɑ´iɑ̄: Eighth king of Judah. He was the son of Joash, and reigned 838-810 b.c., according to the old computation; 797-792, according to Duncker; 800-792, according to Wellhausen; 796-778, according to Kamphausen; 799-773, according to Hommel. At the age of twenty-five he succeeded his father, who had been murdered by his servants, and his first act was to put the conspirators to death; in harmony with Deut. xxiv. 16, however, he spared their children. He attacked the Edomites, gained a victory over them, and captured a stronghold known as “the Rock,” to which he gave the name “Joktheel.” He may also have taken and destroyed Elath, which his son Uzziah rebuilt (II Kings xiv. 22). He next began war against Joash of Israel, but was defeated, and Jerusalem was taken and pillaged. Like his father, Amaziah was slain by conspirators, whose motive is not known. He was buried with royal honors at Jerusalem. The prophetic writers of the Book of Kings reckon him among the better kings of Judah, but the Chronicler ascribes his downfall to idolatry and apostasy from Yahweh.

(W. Lotz).

Bibliography: His history is in II Kings xiv. 1-20; II Chron. xxv. Consult the works mentioned under Ahab.

« Amarna Tablets Amaziah Ambo »
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