« Alumbrados Alumnate Alvar of Cordova »


ALUMNATE: A term used to denote the position of a student in an episcopal or papal seminary. In order to enter such an institution the candidate must be capable of receiving orders and have the express intention of taking them. The seminarist receives the privileges of the clerical state as soon as he is tonsured, even before ordination. The alumni of the seminaries and colleges for the training of missionaries have special privileges, on condition that when they enter the college they solemnly swear not to join any religious order, but as secular priests to devote their whole lives to missionary work, under the general direction of the Propaganda, to which they are required to make annual reports.

(E. Friedberg).

Bibliography: P. Hinschius, Kirchenrecht, iv. 503 sqq. 517, Berlin, 1888; O. Mejer, Die Propaganda, i. 73 sqq., 225 sqq., Göttingen, 1852.

« Alumbrados Alumnate Alvar of Cordova »
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