PUNSHON, WILLIAM MORLEY: Wesleyan; b. at Doncaster (30 m. s. of York) May 29, 1824; d. at London Apr. 14, 1881. He entered the Methodist society. in 1838; became a local preacher in 1842; studied at the Wesleyan College at Richmond in 1845; occupied various fields until he was ordained in 1849; served at Newcastle-on Tyne, Sheffield, and Leeds 1849-1858; in London, 1858-64; and Bristol, 1864-67; presided over the annual conferences and had great influence upon Methodism in the Dominion of Canada, 1867-73; and returning to London, he was superintendent of Kensington district, 1873-75, and one of the general secretaries of the Wesleyan Methodist Missionary Society, 1875-81. He was distinguished for his eloquence, enthusiasm, wisdom, administrative ability, and success in raising money for benevolent purposes. He published Select Lectures and Sermons (London, 1860); Life Thoughts, sermons (1863); Sabbath Chimes, verses (1867); The Prodigal Son (1868); and Sermons, Lectures, and Literary Remains (1881).

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PURCELL, HENRY: Composer; b. at Westminster, London, in 1658; d. at the same place Nov. 21, 1695. He was copyist at the Westminster Abbey, 1676-78; and was appointed organist at


the same place, 1680, and at the Chapel Royal, 1682. He occupied a place in the first rank of English sacred composers. While his place in this work is due to his compositions for church use, he was a prolific producer of music for the stage, fifty-one dramatic works of his being known. He was a composer also of sonatas, and of pieces for the organ and the harpsichord. His Sacred Music (including fifty anthems), Te Deum, Jubilate, and a number of minor pieces, were collected and edited by Vincent Novello, and prefaced with a notice of his life and works (London, 1826-36).

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