Table of Contents

The Story of our Hymns



Part I: Early Christian Hymnody

Part II: German Hymnody

Part III: Scandinavian Hymnody

Part IV: English Hymnody

Ken’s Immortal Evening Hymn

The Dawn of Hymnody in England

The Pearl of English Hymnody

Isaac Watts, Father of English Hymnody

Seeking the Heavenly Prize

Doddridge: Preacher, Teacher and Hymnist

A Hymn of the Ages

Wesley, the Sweet Bard of Methodism

Another Hymn of the Ages

A Great Hymn That Grew Out of a Quarrel

The Coronation Hymn

The Bird of a Single Song

In Praise of the Word of God

England’s First Woman Hymnist

The Name above All Names

A Slave-trader Who Wrote Christian Lyrics

A Hymn on God’s Providence

An Afflicted Poet Who Glorified God

A Hymn of Gracious Invitation

An Irish Poet and His Hymns

A Beautiful Lyric on Prayer

The Hymn Legacy of an English Editor

A Sublime Hymn of Adoration

Heber, Missionary Bishop and Hymnist

A Hymn That Wins Souls

An Invalid Who Blessed the World

The Sun That Ne’er Goes Down

How Hymns Helped Build a Church

The Hymn of a Perplexed Soul

A Famous Hymn by a Proselyte of Rome

A Hymn Written in the Shadows

Henry Francis Lyte and His Swan Song

A Woman’s Gift to the Church

Sarah Adams and the Rise of Women Hymn-Writers

That Sweet Story of Old

A Hymn Written in a Stage-Coach

Redemption’s Story in a Hymn

An Archbishop’s Wife Who Wrote Hymns

The Voice of Jesus

Bonar, the Sweet Singer of Scotland

The Dayspring from on High

Two Famous Translators of Ancient Hymns

A Great Marching Song

Baring-Gould and His Noted Hymn

A Rapturous Hymn of Adoration

Frances Ridley Havergal, the Consecration Poet

The Emblem That Survives

A Unitarian Who Gloried in the Cross

A Hymn That Opens Hearts

A Model Hymn by a Model Minister

A Blind Man’s Hymn of Faith

Matheson and His Song in the Night

Part V: American Hymnody

The First American Hymn

The Beginnings of Hymnody in America

The Hymn of a Wounded Spirit

America’s First Woman Hymnist

A Triumphant Missionary Hymn

Thomas Hastings, Poet and Musician

Key’s Hymn of Praise

Francis Scott Key, Patriot and Hymnist

Bryant’s Home Mission Hymn

America’s First Poet and His Hymns

An Exquisite Baptismal Hymn

The Hymn-writer of the Muhlenbergs

The Way, the Truth, and the Life

The Lyrics of Bishop Doane

The Quaker Poet’s Prayer

The Quaker Poet as a Hymn-writer

Palmer’s Famous Hymn

America’s Greatest Hymn and Its Author

A Hopeful Missionary Lyric

Samuel Smith, a Patriotic Hymn-Writer

A Pearl among Christmas Carols

Two Famous Christmas Hymns and Their Author

Mrs. Stowe’s Hymn Masterpiece

Harriet Beecher Stowe and Her Hymns

Bishop Coxe’s Missionary Hymn

A Hymn Written on Two Shores

The Hymn of a Consecrated Woman

A Hymn That Grew Out of Suffering

A Hymn of the Sea

A Famous Hymn Written for Sailors

A Rally Hymn of the Church

A Tragedy That Inspired a Great Hymn

A Hymn of Spiritual Yearning

Anna Warner and Her Beautiful Hymns

A Famous Christmas Carol

Phillips Brooks and His Carols

The Story that Never Grows Old

Women Who Wrote Hymns for Children

A Hymn of Sweet Consolation

Fanny Crosby, America’s Blind Poet

The Call of the Gospel Song

One of America’s Earliest Gospel Singers

Chautauqua Vesper Hymn

The Lyrist of Chautauqua

In His Footsteps

Gladden’s Hymn of Christian Service

A Hymn of the City

A Hymn with a Modern Message

A Gripping Hymn by a Girl

A Lutheran Psalmist of Today

A Song of Victory

Survey of American Lutheran Hymnody

Index of Notable Hymns Especially Presented in This Volume

Alphabetical Index of Hymns and Sources

Authors’ and General Index



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