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To the Sweet Memory
of Our Bonnie Boy

Richard Edward Ryden
Who at the Age of Ten Years Went
Home to Sing with the

He is not dead: he only sleeps,

Safe in the arms of Him who keeps

His lambs secure from earth’s alarm,

From grief and sin and foes that harm.

He is not dead: he is at rest,

Content upon his Saviour’s breast;

Dear little child, we loved you so,

But Jesus loved you more, we know.

He is not dead: the Shepherd came

To call His little lamb by name;

The gentle Shepherd watch will keep,

While His beloved child doth sleep.

He is not dead: by angel bands

Now welcomed to the heavenly lands,

With theirs a childish voice shall sing

Hosannas to the children’s King.

He is not dead: though tears may flow,

Faith whispers: “It is better so.”

With joy we’ll meet on that fair shore,

Where God’s own children weep no more.

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