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The Dayspring from on High

John Mason Neale, 1846.

O very God of very God,

And very Light of Light,

Whose feet this earth’s dark valley trod,

That so it might be bright!

Our hopes are weak, our foes are strong,

Thick darkness blinds our eyes;

Cold is the night, and O we long

For Thee, our Sun, to rise!

And even now, though dull and gray,

The east is brightening fast,

And kindling to the perfect day

That never shall be past.

O guide us till our path be done,

And we have reached the shore

Where Thou, our everlasting Sun,

Art shining evermore!

We wait in faith, and turn our face

To where the daylight springs,

Till Thou shalt come our gloom to chase,

With healing on Thy wings.

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