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A Prayer to the Holy Spirit

Nikolai Grundtvig (1783-1872).

Holy Spirit, come with light,

Break the dark and gloomy night

With Thy day unending;

Help us with a joyful lay

Greet the Lord’s triumphant day

Now with might ascending.

Comforter, so wondrous kind,

Noble Guest of heart and mind,

Fix in us Thy dwelling.

Give us peace in storm and strife,

Fill each weary heart and life

With Thy joy excelling.

Make salvation clear to us,

Who, despite our sin and cross,

Are in Thee confiding.

Lest our life be void and vain,

With Thy light and love remain

Aye in us abiding.

Raise or bow us with Thine arm,

Break temptation’s evil charm,

Clear our clouded vision.

Fill our hearts with longings new,

Cleanse us with Thy morning dew,

Tears of deep contrition.

Thou who givest life and breath,

Let our hope in sight of death

Blossom bright and vernal;

And above the silent tomb

Let the Easter lilies bloom,

Signs of life eternal.

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