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Kingo’s Sunrise Hymn

Thomas Kingo (1634-1703).

The sun arises now

In light and glory,

And gilds the rugged brow

Of mountains hoary;

Be glad, my soul, and lift

Thy voice in singing

To God from earth below,

Thy heart with joy aglow

And praises ringing.

Like countless grains of sand,

Beyond all measure,

And wide as sea and land

Is heaven’s treasure

Of grace which God anew

Each day bestoweth,

And which, like pouring rain,

Into my soul again

Each morning floweth.

Keep Thou my soul today

From sin and blindness;

Surround me on my way

With loving-kindness,

And fill my heart, O God,

With joy from heaven;

I then shall ask no more

Than what Thou hast of yore

In wisdom given.

Thou knowest best my needs,

My sighs Thou heedest;

Thy hand Thy children feeds,

Thine own Thou leadest;

What should I more desire,

With Thee deciding

The course that I must take

Than follow in the wake

Where Thou art guiding?

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