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A Vision of Christ’s Triumph

Frans Michael Franzén, 1816

Thy scepter, Jesus, shall extend

As far as day prevaileth.

Thy glorious kingdom, without end,

Shall stand when all else faileth,

Thy blessed Name shall be confessed,

And round Thy cross, forever blest,

Shall kings and people gather.

The child when born to Thee we take,

To Thee in death we hasten;

In joy we often Thee forsake,

But not when sorrows chasten.

Where truth and virtue are oppressed,

Where sorrow dwells, pain and unrest,

Thy help alone availeth.

Come, Jesus, then, in weal and woe,

In life and death be near us;

Thy grace upon our hearts bestow,

And let Thy Spirit cheer us,

For every conflict strength afford,

And gather us in peace, O Lord,

When all the world Thou judgest.

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