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The Oldest Christian Hymn

Clement of Alexandria, about 200 A.D.

Shepherd of tender youth,

Guiding in love and truth

Through devious ways;

Christ, our triumphant King,

We come Thy Name to sing,

And here our children bring

To join Thy praise.

Thou art our holy Lord,

O all-subduing Word,

Healer of strife:

Thou didst Thyself abase,

That from sin’s deep disgrace

Thou mightest save our race,

And give us life.

Ever be near our side,

Our Shepherd and our Guide,

Our staff and song:

Jesus, Thou Christ of God,

By Thine enduring Word,

Lead us where Thou hast trod;

Our faith make strong.

So now, and till we die,

Sound we Thy praises high,

And joyful sing:

Let all the holy throng

Who to Thy Church belong

Unite to swell the song

To Christ our King!

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