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A Hymn of Longing for Christ

Philipp Friedrich Hiller, 1767.

O Son of God, we wait for Thee,

We long for Thine appearing;

We know Thou sittest on the throne,

And we Thy Name are bearing.

Who trusts in Thee may joyful be,

And see Thee, Lord, descending

To bring us bliss unending.

We wait for Thee, ’mid toil and pain,

In weariness and sighing;

But glad that Thou our guilt hast borne,

And cancelled it by dying.

Hence, cheerfully may we with Thee

Take up our cross and bear it,

Till we the crown inherit.

We wait for Thee; here Thou hast won

Our hearts to hope and duty;

But while our spirits feel Thee near,

Our eyes would see Thy beauty;

We fain would be at rest with Thee

In peace and joy supernal,

In glorious life eternal.

We wait for Thee; soon Thou wilt come,

The time is swiftly nearing;

In this we also do rejoice,

And long for Thine appearing.

O bliss ’twill be when Thee we see,

Homeward Thy people bringing,

With ecstasy and singing!

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