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Chap. XV. — Of the Persons to whom the Benefits of Christ’s Offices do belong.

Q. 1. Unto whom do the saving benefits of what Christ performeth, in the execution of his offices, belong?

A. Only to his elect.6565   Christ giveth life to all that world for whom he gave his life. 6666   None that he died for shall ever die. 6767   To say that Christ died for every man universally, is to affirm that he did no more for the elect than the reprobates, — for them that are saved than for them that are damned; which is the Arminian blasphemy.
John xvii. 9; Isa. lxiii. 9; Heb. iii. 6, x. 21.

Q. 2. Died he for no other?

A. None, in respect of his Father’s eternal purpose, and his own intention of removing wrath from them, and procuring grace and glory for them.
Acts xx. 28; Matt. xx. 28, xxvi. 28; Heb. ix. 28; John xi. 51, 52; Isa. liii. 12; John iii. 16, x. 11–13, 15; Eph. v. 25; Rom. viii. 32, 34; Gal. iii. 13; John vi. 37, 39; Rom. iv. 25; 2 Cor. v. 19, 20.

Q. 3. What shall become of them for whom Christ died not?

A. Everlasting torments for their sins; their portion in their own place.
Mark xvi. 16; John iii. 36; Matt. xxv. 41; Acts i. 25.

Q. 4. For whom doth he make intercession?

A. Only for those who from eternity were given him by his Father.
John xvii.; Heb. vii. 24, 25.

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