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Chap. XIV. — Of the Two-fold Estate of Christ.

Q. 1. In what estate or condition doth Christ exercise these offices?

A. In a two-fold estate; first, of humiliation6262   The humiliation of Christ shows us what we must here do and suffer, — his exaltation, what we may hope for. 6363   The first of these holds forth his mighty love to us; the other his mighty power in himself. 6464   The only way to heaven is by the cross. or abasement; secondly, of exaltation or glory.
Phil. ii. 8–10.

484Q. 2. Wherein consisteth the state of Christ’s humiliation?

A. In three things; first, ain his incarnation, or being born of woman; secondly, bhis obedience, or fulfilling the whole law, moral and ceremonial; thirdly, in his cpassion, or enduring all sorts of miseries, even death itself.
aLuke i. 35; John i. 14; Rom. i. 3; Gal. iv. 4; Heb. ii. 9, 14. bMatt. iii. 15, v. 17; Luke ii. 21; John viii. 46; 2 Cor. v. 21; 1 Pet. i. 19; 1 John iii. 5. cIsa. liii. 4–6; Heb. ii. 9; 1 Pet. ii. 21.

Q. 3. Wherein consists his exaltation?

A. In, first, his resurrection; secondly, ascension; thirdly, sitting at the right hand of God; — by all which he was declared to be the Son of God with power.
Matt. xxviii. 18; Rom. i. 4, vi. 4; Eph. iv. 9; Phil. ii. 9, 10; 1 Tim. iii. 16.

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