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Hymn 17

John Newton


GOD speaking from mount Zion.


The God who once to Israel spoke

From Sinai’s top, in fire and smoke,

In gentler strains of gospel grace

Invites us, now, to seek his face.

He wears no terrors on his brow,

He speaks, in love, from Zion, now;

It is the voice of JESUS’ blood

Calling poor wand’rers home to GOD.

The holy Moses quaked and feared

When Sinai’s thund’ring law he heard;

But reigning grace, with accents mild,

Speaks to the sinner, as a child.

Hark! how from Calvary it sounds;

From the Redeemer’s bleeding wounds!

“Pardon and grace, I freely give,

Poor sinner, look to me, and live.”

What other arguments can move

The heart, that slights a Savior’s love!

Yet till Almighty pow’r constrain,

This matchless love is preached in vain.

O Savior let that pow’r be felt,

And cause each stony heart to melt!

Deeply impress upon our youth

The light, and force, of gospel truth.

With this new–year may they begin

To live to thee, and die to sin,

To enter by the narrow way

Which leads to everlasting day.

How will they else thy presence bear

When as a Judge thou shalt appear!

When slighted love to wrath shall turn,

And the whole earth like Sinai burn!

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