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Hymn 16

John Newton


The rod of MOSES.


When Moses waved his mystic rod

What wonders followed while he spoke?

Firm as a wall the waters stood,

Ex 14:21

Or gushed in rivers from the rock!

Num 20:11

At his command the thunders rolled,

Lightning and hail his voice obeyed;

Ex 9:23

And Pharaoh trembled, to behold

His land in desolation laid.

But what could Moses’ rod have done

Had he not been divinely sent?

The pow’r was from the LORD alone,

And Moses but the instrument.

O Lord, regard thy peoples prayers!

Assist a worm to preach aright

And since thy gospel–rod he bears,

Display thy wonders in our sight.

Proclaim the thunders of thy law,

Like lightning let thine arrows fly,

That careless sinners, struck with awe,

For refuge may to JESUS cry!

Make streams of godly sorrow flow

From rocky hearts, unused to feel;

And let the poor in spirit know

That thou art near, their griefs to heal.

But chiefly, we would now look up

To ask a blessing for our youth,

The rising generation’s hope,

That they may know and love thy truth.

Arise, O Lord, afford a sign,

Now shall our prayers success obtain;

Since both the means and pow’r are thine,

How can the rod be raised in vain!

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