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Hymn 22

John Newton


Help in time of Need.


Unless the LORD had been my stay

(With trembling joy my soul may say)

My cruel foe had gained his end:

But he appeared for my relief,

And Satan sees, with shame and grief,

That I have an almighty Friend.

O, ’twas a dark and trying hour,

When harassed by the tempter’s pow’r,

I felt my strongest hopes decline!

You only who have known his arts,

You only who have felt his darts,

Can pity such a case as mine.

Loud in my ears a charge he read,

(My conscience witnessed all he said)

My long black list of outward sin;

Then bringing forth my heart to view,

Too well what’s hidden there he knew,

He showed me ten–times worse within.

’Tis all too true, my soul replied,

But I remember Jesus died,

And now he fills a throne of grace;

I’ll go, as I have done before,

His mercy I may still implore,

I have his promise, “Seek my face.”

But, as when sudden fogs arise,

The trees and hills, the sun and skies,

Are all at once concealed from view;

So clouds of horror, black as night,

By Satan raised, hid from my sight,

The throne of grace and promise too.

Then, while beset with guilt and fear,

He tried to urge me to despair,

He tried, and he almost prevailed;

But JESUS, by a heav’nly ray,

Drove clouds, and guilt, and fear away,

And all the tempter’s malice failed.

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